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Leading in the Age of AI

Master change and unlock opportunity in the AI era

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"Thanks to AI, we can expect an unheard-of rate of change in our lives."
—Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI

A moment of mass change

AI-driven change is upon us

Change is the new status quo. It’s ramping up fast and it's never going to go away because AI is causing everything to shift.The changes ahead will be increasingly:

  • Disruptive

  • Disorienting

  • Destabalizing

Change creates risk, but it also creates opportunity. Because of change, there will be winners as well as losers in this AI Moment.In this course, we argue that the winners will be separated from the losers on the basis of one thing in particular: the ability to master the art of change.And that's precisely what this course is designed to do for you.

Become confident about handling AI whatever your position in your company

What you'll learn

Defining the Moment

Anchor your new reality

Learn to bring stability in uncertain times by evoking belief systems and frames of reference on AI topics.

Handling Change

Get confident with talking about AI

Understand how humans are wired to respond to our AI moment, and how to overcome naturally negative instincts against change.

Define the game

Lead the AI narrative

Shift your mindset and allow your company to make the rules of the game (and not get played by it).

Flipping the Script

Create change. Create opportunity

Move your organization from a mode of simply surviving AI into a state of thriving on new AI opportunities.

Become a Leader in AI

For your customers and prospects too

Be a leader with influence that reaches not just your team, but your customers too.

Master the moment

Lead your team to win with AI

Become a leader capable of motivating, inspiring, and liberating action to drive your company to the AI opportunity.

What's inside Leading in the Age of AI?

This is a comprehensive, on-demand masterclass that consists of:

Your Roadmap for the AI Moment

The LOCIL Change Model

An innovative leadership framework for building adaptive and innovative AI businesses.These lessons will take you deeper into the art and science of communication, influence, and leadership.You’ll learn:

  • The 5 core competencies of leadership in the age of AI

  • How to motivate, align, and invigorate your team in a time of mass uncertainty

  • Techniques to take decisive action, even when you don't have all the answers

LOCIL stands for Lead, Orient, Communicate, Influence, Liberate — modes of being a Change Master that you'll soon unlock.


the change required to win in the age of AI


toward opportunities and away from disruption


foundational messages to anchor your team


beliefs and behaviors on how to handle AI


the actions required to thrive in this age

Hear from top AI and leadership experts

5+ Hours of Exclusive Video Commentary

Enjoy podcast-style video discussions between Rob and Ken supplementing each lesson.Get our genuine, off-the-cuff insights into these issues and how to apply the concepts in your business.

Lessons also include walkthrough videos and shorter videos that quickly illustrate key concepts.

By the end of this masterclass, you'll

Develop the skills of a transformational leader

AI has ushered in new levels of automation and prediction. Transactional workflows of the past. are being eliminated.But AI creates as it destroys.At the same moment that it eliminates transactional work, it also gives rise to a massive need for transformational work.Because AI will profoundly change job roles and responsibilities, it will drive up the need for people who can do the work of transforming businesses.People who can lead change.People like you.

About your instructors

Rob Lennon

AI startup co-founder. International speaker on AI, specializing in AI personality and experience design

  • 4+ years prompting with AI, starting with GPT-2

  • AI thought-leader with 150,000+ followers across Twitter, LinkedIn, and newsletter

  • 17 years business strategy experience from tech/start-ups

  • Published author 47x in fiction and business non-fiction across 8+ pen names

Ken Carroll

Specialist in leadership and strategy in radically changing environments

  • Former aerospace CEO

  • Decades of experience as an entrepreneur, investor, and consultant

  • Led businesses through periods of extreme change and disruption - 2001 dot com crash, 2008 economic crisis, 16 yrs in China, and more


5-8 Hours




Online Videos
Text Lessons

Even when faced with uncertainty

Meet the AI moment with confidence

Developing the skills of change mastery enables confidence despite uncertainty. And by extension, your confidence becomes the confidence of your organization.Knowing change,understanding change,getting on top of change...This prepares you for a future where the destabilization will be brutal and relentless for the unprepared but a new world of possibilities for the change masters.We’ll show you how to turn change into an ally. Make the AI moment into a unique opportunity for your career and your business.

Not only will this put you into a tiny minority, it'll create a powerful differentiator and competitive advantage for you.

  • Change Mastery = Confidence

  • The 5 LOCIL competencies = Confidence

  • Foundational understanding of the AI leadership challenge = Confidence

  • Frameworks, models, and heuristics to fall back on = Confidence

  • Deep analysis of the reality of the times we find ourselves in = Confidence

  • Setting you up with a starting point and a playbook = Confidence

Once you've finished this course, you'll be able to walk into any boardroom or meeting and have the means to address the chaos and the confusion.You will be able to restabilize a destabilized team and set a new direction.The time has come to make a decision. Click the button below to take the first step in becoming a master of change.

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Within less than a minute you should receive one or two emails from "Learn AI" inviting you to the create an account and access the course.If you haven't done other courses with us before, please open the email to set a password FIRST and then get started with Leading in the Age of AI.We invested a huge amount of time and energy into making this experience like nothing else out there. We're confident you'll find many golden nuggets within.Enjoy.—Rob & Ken

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Leading in the Age of AI includes:

  • 5+ hours of video breaking down the AI moment and how to apply the LOCIL Change Model to become a more capable leader

  • Printable AI Handbook for Leaders summarizing the course

  • Online access to all frameworks, systems, and heuristics for better AI leadership

  • Implementation workbooks to apply each module in the real world